Adrienne has a particular interest in children presenting with complex behaviour who do not respond well to a conventional behavioural approach. These children often require more relationality despite their presenting behaviour which tends to push adults away. If you are working with a child or family in crisis or struggling to make sense of the children you are responsible for, visiting Adrienne could be an effective way to get insight into the underlying dynamics that are triggering oppositional or confusing behaviour. I believe that there is always hope in every situation no matter how bleak it may appear.

About Me

Hi I'm Adrienne. I have always found tricky behaviours interesting. I started my career as a High School teacher working in low decile schools with some of the most challenging of students. I went on to work with students with high and complex needs in my role as Co-Head of Special Needs at Te Whare Rangimarie, Waitakere College.

I also parented my own children through difficult times and experienced the heartache alongside the joy that raising complex young people can bring. After feeling like I was in a maze for many years and only hitting dead-ends, I eventually found a way through, when I stumbled upon the ideas of psychologist, Gordon Neufeld.

This inspired me to go on to research this approach with students. My thesis Engaging the Disaffected Learner investigates how teachers might find a way to come alongside their most challenging students. From there I took a role lecturing in Human Development training teachers, counsellors and youth workers, but it still felt as though something was missing. I wasn't getting to work directly with the people responsible for children and youth.

From here the idea was born of launching my own business to work one on one with other parents who struggled, as I did, with complex child and adolescent behaviours. I now enjoy seeing parents and professionals directly in my own practice, as well as presenting to wider audiences at training courses, online and at events.


Adrienne uses an insight-based approach. This is not counselling or therapy. Using parenting wisdom from internationally renowned psychologist Gordon Neufeld alongside a thorough understanding of human development, Adrienne brings insight into the challenging or confusing behaviours of young people. Once you have insight into why a child is behaving this way, you as the adult responsible are better equipped to work out what to do about it.

To get a sense of Adrienne's approach with Teens you may like to listen to her interview with Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand here.

Who Should Come?

Behaviour consulting sessions are for any caretaking professional who works with young people directly or with those who care for them. Social workers, caregivers, teachers, teacher aides, youth workers, counsellors and therapists will all find insight and support in their journey with complex behaviours in children and youth.

How many sessions?

One session is usually not enough to do justice to the issues young people are presenting with. You should consider committing to at least three sessions to assess this approach is the right fit for you.

Appointment Details

You may book to see Adrienne in person or online. If you are seeing Adrienne in person, the initial session is 90 minutes and standard sessions are 60 minutes. If you are seeing Adrienne online, the initial session is 60 minutes.

Are you wondering whether Behaviour Consulting is right for you? Contact Me with your enquiry before booking if you'd like to ask a question.


90 minutes: $120

60 minutes: $90

30 minutes: $55

Prices are kept low to assist in affordability. If you require an ivoice or a reminder on payment, a surcharge of $20 will be added to the amount above.

Register Here

To book an appointment you must first register for Behaviour Consulting on the link below. You should expect a response within two working days with details of how to book online.

If you do not hear back first check your junk mail then Contact Me to see if your registration has been received.


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